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The Stucco Pros offer the most comprehensive stucco repair services in the industry. Whether your home or business has cracking, water penetration, chimney leaks, moister permeation, or general damage we got you covered.

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New Construction? Our team of stucco professionals can handle any stucco job large or small. Our business operates on core principles such as quality, reliability, and professionalism. Call today for your free estimate.

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At Stucco Pros we understand the important’s of protecting one’s investment. Our preventative services include Seal Coating and waterproofing, window and door wraps, Wall Crack Mitigation, Trim Moisture Mitigation, and so much more. Call Now!

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For many years now, stucco has become the most preferred finish for most commercial and residential buildings thanks to its durability, availability and versatile appearance. It’s also easier to maintain, cheaper to buy and resistant to microbial elements. However, with older or poorly installed stuccos, damage, stains, holes and cracks would start emerging. This will necessitate contracting stucco repair companies with the expertise and experience to restore your stucco to its attractive original look. We are your premier stucco repair professionals in Orlando and adjacent area and have the determination and dedication to get the work done quickly and effectively.

We understand that moisture management is an important consideration when installing stuccos .It’s one of the reasons why plaster deteriorates and rots at a faster rate. Water enters the building through cracks, door openings or through the chimneys and could get behind building paper which is torn or which is not properly lapped. Stucco repair helps to bring it back into its original condition. Before commencing any repair, we ensure that the walls to your building are structurally strong. We also ensure that there aren’t hidden problems that could make it hard to address the real problems in your stucco.

Why We Are the Best Stucco Repair Contractor

Whether you want an inside or outside  stucco repair  service, you can   count on your  expertise and  many years of  experience  to get the  work done  superbly well  for the  first time. Our experts are able to provide suggestions on how better the problems in your stucco can be fixed. As a home owner, you could be facing a wide range of problems with your stucco: insect infestation, improper application or rotting that is caused by moisture. By choosing to work with us, you can rest assured that our background check is good and we have a solid track record in delivering a world class stucco repair service. Here are top reasons why you should hire is as your stucco repair contractor.

You Can Benefit From Our Experience & Expertise

Experience is one of the irreplaceable attributes of a good stucco repair professional. For many years now, we have helped many home owners and commercial premise owners in Orlando and adjacent areas restore their stuccos to excellent conditions. Our employees understand what it takes to get your stucco back to a great looking condition quickly.

We Have Done Background Checks

All our employees have had their background checks done. Moreover, you will find it incredibly easier verifying our company information from independent sources. Moreover, we have a fixed office location from where we operate, so you know well who you are dealing with.

We Hold Requisite Industry Certification

Check if the stucco repair company that you want to hire is certified or not. Those with the right industry certifications are able to provide you with the right output. Lookout for a service provider that holds recognized industry certifications.

We Hold Memberships to Professional Associations

We hold membership to reputable professional stucco repair Associations in the Orlando area and nationwide. Contractors with valid memberships adhere to certain quality standards, therefore providing you with an assurance that you will get a quality output for the money you pay.

Customer Reviews:

Talk to people in your community and listen to what they have to say about us. You will discover that we are rated top by our local client base. The web is also an important resource when you want to know what other people are saying about us. You will find us being a reputable stucco repair company, with immense reputation and experience in this niche.

Affordable Pricing strategy

You can only work with a stucco repair expert that you can afford. Our company’s pricing strategy is quite affordable and our payment methods are affordable. While our rates are not the lowest in the market, we will endeavor to provide you with real value for money.


We Are Insured & Bonded

You can have peace of mind when you work with a stucco repair company with adequate insurance coverage to cover their staff and third party liabilities. Incase of injury to personnel or damage to property, their insurers can meet the costs. We ensure that we hold adequate insurance to cater for unforeseen events.

Understanding the Cost Elements of Stucco Repair

Damaged stucco can be a serious detraction to a great looking home and could cause more problems, especially as a result of water penetration. A good contractor with the right tools, skill sets, experience and the right materials can give your stucco a beautiful finish and improve its durability. However, there are a number of factors that would contribute to the cost of your stucco repair, so you need to consider the condition of your stucco and your home’s features when planning for the repair. On average, prices start from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the nature and complexity of the stucco repair project.

Residential & Commercial Stucco Repair

The cost of repairing any type of stucco can be influenced by the size and type of building which it’s applied to. Repairs in most homes can be completed using basic tools and equipment, and at an average cost. However, for larger or complex buildings, the contractor may need to use lifting equipment, while also scheduling the task to accommodate the residents of the building or business activities that are carried out in the building. This could increase the repair costs considerably.

Repairs for Chipped Stucco

Chipping on stucco can be caused by wear and impact, especially on the outer corners of your home. The necessary repairs may entail getting rid of any loose material before applying corner beading and new layers of stucco that matches the wall’s finish and texture. It’s important to understand that the extent of the damage determines the cost of the repairs to be undertaken.

Repairs for Cracked Stucco

Cracks in stucco could range from small blemishes to huge gaps in the actual material. Through these cracks, water may get inside, causing more damage to the underlying structure of your home and some damage to your siding. Some of these cracks may be repaired by using caulk and other related materials, and however, there are some which may call for extensive mesh or lath application and also the use of a new stucco material. The location of the damage and the extent of the damage that has been inflicted determine the amount that could be used to repair the stucco. A reputable contractor should be able to find out the cause of the cracks and provide recommendations on how to prevent future cracks. Together with the necessary repairs, the project cost could rise considerably.

Restoring & Repairing Stained Stucco

Mildew, mold, dirt and minerals can leave some unsightly stains on your stucco, and this can diminish the appearance of your home. There are different tools which can be used to remove the stains, but the choice of these tools depends on the stained surface. Permanent and tough to remove stains may be dealt with by applying fresh paint of stucco color coat, which created a clean and uniform finish. Generally, the size, severity and nature of stains determine the measures that are required to get the appearance of your stucco back to its original condition.

Repairs for Various Kinds of Stucco

Over the years, many changes have taken place with regard to the materials and methods that are used. Historic or traditional stucco costs the same amount as synthetic stucco to repair. However, the condition of the material, the extent to which the damage has occurred and the nature of the preparations may determine how much the repair project will cost in the long run. A contractor will closely examine your material and its current condition so as to determine the right method and material which is required for the job.

Planning For Your Stucco Repair

Keeping your home’s stucco siding in great condition is mandatory if you are to prevent water damage while also keeping your home beautiful.

By working with a certified and experienced contractor, the type and condition of stuccos in your home can be evaluated with the aim of planning effective repairs. As you prepare to undertake stucco repairs, you have to take into account the extent, nature, location of the damage and other issues which may contribute to the complexity and the cost of stucco repairs.

Types of Stucco Textures

There are several stucco textures that are available in the market and before you commence your repair work, it helps taking a close look at all of them. This way, you can have a general idea about the texture that could be the most appropriate for your house. Among the stucco textures that are available include:

Worm finishes

This finish has larger aggregated pieces in them and when troweled   leaves indentations that appear likes grooves in their texture. While this finish is not very common these days, it’s one of the most interesting to look at. Worm finishes may be hard to know from distance, unless you get closer. This synthetic stucco finish can be achieved using special material and comes in medium, fine and coarse patterns. To get the desired finish, this finish should be applied in circular motion by hand.

Cat Face Textures

Although it’s generally smooth, it has smaller to larger rough areas .This kind of texture can be achieved by using traditional or synthetic or traditional stucco. It can be sprayed on, but will always get finished by hand. It’s normally done in a medium or fine stucco products.

Lace Texture

This is among the most common textures and it’s ingrained in people’s mind whenever they think of getting stucco repair. With this texture, you can hide the imperfections that may exist and it’s awesome for both commercial and residential applications.

Sand/Float Finishes

This is a basic type of stucco texture and it’s popular in many commercial applications. Its appearance can be coarse, medium or fine depending on the manufacturer. It’s normally troweled down and finished by using quick strokes and a float. It offers an incredibly versatile finish and can just be applied as a single coat. The green float which is associated with it is the reason behind its fine texture.

Dash Finish/Texture

This type of finish is sprayed on and could be heavy or light in volume. Moreover, dash finish offers a unique look. What is fascinating is that this incredible texture can be hand applied in case of smaller areas or sprayed using a hopper gun. In order to achieve a uniform coating, it’s imperative that you apply two or three coats. During application, more air pressure can be used to achieve finer texture. However, if heavy texture is required, less air pressure can be used.

Smooth Textures and Finishes

Smooth textures are among the hardest to achieve, but they are getting popular with each passing day. It is easier to clean and can be customized to suit certain unique requirements. Diverse colors may be added so that it offers a mottled look. This finish is normally synthetic and can help to eliminate many finer lines. However, it cracks more than most other finishes and can be hard to patch.

Santa Barbara Finish

This is an incredibly smooth finish, but with a brown coat which is not as flat like what you see in smooth coats. Santa Barbara has a brown finish that has more depth, more elegance and more character to it. It’s applied in two coats with a pool trowel and it’s among the hardest to apply.

Regardless  of the  stucco texture that pleases your  eye,  our stucco repair  staff  will work with you  to  make the best selection. We are available to provide you with the support that you need from consultation to post installation stage. We are your go to stucco repair professionals in Orlando and adjacent neighborhoods.

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